DHS celebrates success of “Problem Solving Court” in DeKalb

October 25, 2015

ATLANTA – The Department of Human Services (DHS) on Friday honored 13 men in the DeKalb County community who have overcome barriers to paying child support through the Department’s Problem Solving Program.
Georgia’s Problem Solving Court program is aimed at helping parents provide financial support to their children and reducing the number of parents who are incarcerated for not paying their court-ordered support.
The program is administered by the Department’s Division of Child Support Services in partnership with local judges.
“When I think about what today means for so many people—for our graduates, for the children of our graduates, for the community and our state—I get excited,” said DHS Commissioner Robyn A. Crittenden. “Together, we are able to empower parents who want to overcome barriers that keep them from being able to provide for their children. This program is a wonderful example of what happens when the community and public and private agencies work together.”
The program involves intense one-on-one case management to address underlying issues that keep parents from fulfilling their legal child support obligations. The program also assists parents with employment skills, training, life skills and garnering visitation with their child(ren).
On Friday, 13 men who have been able to find employment and provide consistent support to their children became the second class of graduates from the program in DeKalb County. The Honorable Judge Mark A. Scott of the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit presides over the DeKalb County program. 
“I am so proud of all the graduates here today who made the choice to be successful in this program,” said DHS Director of Child Support Services Tanguler Gray. “As of today, all of today’s graduates are paying 100 percent of their child support obligation. This is proof that the program works.”
Currently, the program is available in the Coweta, Northeastern, Augusta, Appalachian, Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Flint, Pataula, Alcovy, Mountain, Macon, Enotah, Towaliga, Rockdale, Southwestern, Dublin, Gwinnett, Northern, Dougherty, Ocmulgee South and Ocmulgee North judicial circuits.
For more information on the Parental Accountability Court Program and other outreach programs within DHS Division of Child Support Services, please visit www.dcss.dhs.georgia.gov or call 1-844-MYGADHS or 1-844-694-2347.