Our mission is to increase the reliability of child support paid by parents when they live apart from their children by:

  • Locating parents;
  • Establishing paternity;
  • Establishing and enforcing fair support orders;
  • Increasing health care coverage for children;
  • Removing barriers to payment, such as referring parents to employment services, supporting healthy co-parenting relationships, supporting responsible fatherhood, and helping to prevent and reduce family violence.


  • To be ranked in the top 10 states nationally for current child support collections;
  • To be recognized nationally as a trendsetter for best practices;
  • To be the best-managed agency in the state of Georgia through fiscal responsibility and customer service.

Tanguler Gray Headshot

Tanguler Gray

Division of Child Support Services Director

Tanguler Gray is a pragmatic executive leader with a proven track record in accounting, fiscal operations, customer service, organizational effectiveness and field and state operations.