Customer Service


The Division of Child Support Services is excited to offer our customers a variety of self-service options available to you when you call our automated line: 1-877-GADHSGO (1-877-423-4746).


Get Help by Phone

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) offers our customers a variety of self-service options you when you call our automated line: 1-877-GADHSGO (1-877-423-4746).

When you call, select your preferred language, choose "option 3" for Child Support, and then "option 1" for DCSS.

Then, you will have several options as follows:

Press 1 and you will gain immediate access to make a credit or debit card payment by phone.

Press 2 and you will receive automated case information.

Press 3 and you will be transferred to speak with an agent.

Press 4 and you will obtain support with mobile app issues.

Get Help Through DCSS On the Go

Georgia is the first state to make a full-service child support mobile app available to its customers. The app allows customers to make child support payments, review their payment history, view scheduled appointments, and receive notifications and alerts on important information regarding their cases.

Apple device

Android device

Get Help Online

The Customer Online Services Portal is an interactive website that empowers you, the customer, to give or obtain information about your case and find out about payments to your account. The Portal gives you convenient access to your case 24 hours a day. Your local library has a computer you can use if you do not have a home computer.

Get Reminders and Notifications

Would you like to receive an email when a payment is received on your account or be reminded of appointments? If so, please register for these Case Alert services on the Customer Online Services Portal. You are encouraged to sign up online. Call 1-877-GADHSGO (1-877-423-4746) f you need your individual registration number (IRN) or client ID or if you have specific questions about your child support case. Customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except on state holidays and furlough days.

Request Information 

Customers may also submit a Request for Information about their case using the email request form linked here. These requests go directly to the State Office where they are processed and distributed on a continuing basis. An email will be sent to you confirming receipt of your inquiry/request.