For Employers

Employer fees

Employer Administrative Fee
Under Georgia law an employer may charge an administrative fee up to $25 to establish the income deduction and up to $3 per income deduction thereafter which could range from $108 - $216 annually.

Interest on Child Support Judgments
Georgia law, O.C.G.A. §19-11-7(e) states that “the department may collect the legal rate of interest on any judgment obtained in any support action initiated by the department.”   Therefore, DCSS is authorized to apply and collect interest on judgments that were either established by DCSS or those private orders modified by DCSS.  If a private order is modified by DCSS, then DCSS would collect interest from the date of entry of the new judgment, i.e., the modification order.  Interest calculation begins when the NCP becomes 30-days delinquent.  Interest is calculated on arrears that were due on January 1, 2007 to present at a rate of 7%.

Payment Processing Fee
NCPs will be charged a payment processing fee of $1.50 or 5 percent of each payment, whichever is lesser, to cover the cost of processing and distributing child support to families.