Parental Accountability Court Program

The Parental Accountability Court Program seeks to remove the underlying issues that cause noncustodial parents to become chronic non-payers of child support. Through judicial oversight, Parental Accountability Court assists to transition non-custodial parents with barriers to self-sufficiency through parent accountability, employment and education. Services offered through Parental Accountability Court include substance abuse treatment, job assistance and placement, short-term training, coaching and mentoring, educational services, and Georgia Work Ready as an alternative to incarceration.

For information about the Georgia Fatherhood Services Program and other Community Outreach Services, call 1-844-MYGADHS (1-844-694-2347) and select option 1 for DCSS, then select 2 for Agent and then select 3 for Outreach. Noncustodial parents also have the option of requesting additional information via email at

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Parental Accountability Court Fact Sheet

Last Revised 3/2019
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